In a few days we will be half-way through the summer season at Nathanael. Our noncoms are not just holding up, they’re getting better. They get better because they gain experience. They get better because they learn to trust the Lord for wisdom and strength. They get better because they are surrounded by great role models. They get better because they’re spending time in God’s Word. They get better because they are stretched and challenged. They get better because they’re meeting weekly with a staff mentor who is checking in, encouraging, providing accountability and praying with them. And they get better because of evaluations.

Every week each noncom receives an honest, straightforward evaluation from his supervisor for that week. These days, the forms are printed on goldenrod-colored paper. The forms cover seventeen items ranging from Affect on Morale to Punctuality to Physical Stamina. But the best part isn’t the form; it’s the conversation that takes place between the noncom and his evaluator. The goal is to make him better – a better leader, a better servant, a better disciple.

Digging through some old files here at camp we found some of my old noncom evaluation forms. They don’t reveal anything terribly profound, but they are significant to me because they represent what took place in my life here at Nathanael many years ago. My life as a Christian and as a leader was shaped and formed here by some godly men who invested themselves in me. The mission hasn’t changed. There are 24 noncoms on the team this year. Some of them, I pray all of them, are going to take what happens to them here and make a significant impact on Christ’s kingdom. I can hardly wait to watch it happen.