A Word to Our 2014 Leadership Team

Camp Nathanael’s mission is to raise up young men to be Christ-following leaders for his kingdom. Our noncoms are the focus of this mission, and our program staff members are the ones who carry it forward. Nathanael’s ministry to boys through our summer camps is the crucible in which this leadership laboratory functions. Surrounding all of this is a circle of administrative and support staff who provide the setting in which this mission takes place.

To find out how well this is working, each summer we survey families after their camper returns home. I want to share some of the amazing comments we received from parents this summer:

  • Our son loved Camp Nathanael and hasn't stopped talking about since we picked him up. He loved Chas and Nathan, he loved the activities, he enjoyed being away from home, he loved the Bible study times and nearly everything about camp.
  • What a wonderful gift to be able to experience Camp Nathanael together with my son, and with brothers-in-the-Lord and their boys. Such great shared memories and adventures. I was so glad for Jonah to "see" older boys/young men (noncoms, staff) who are serving God and having fun at it.
  • Camp Nathanael is such a positive experience for young boys! The growth each year in faith, self-reliance, self-awareness, the bonding with friends, and great memories make for a wonderful experience! The variety and types of activities offered are amazing. This is a chance for boys to unplug and be boys for a week. It is fabulous! The counselors are wonderful too. The staff is so easy to work with.
  • Our boys and their friends had an amazing time at camp this year. As always they come home stronger in their faith and exhausted. I love how much they love camp!
  • One son had an excellent time on the North Shore. And our son back at Battalion Camp enjoyed the games and noncoms that guided their group.
  • He hasn't stopped taking about it. He absolutely loved every aspect.
  • He loves it! The games, how rugged it is and how people are friendly there. That he can be himself and not worry about anything.
  • He absolutely loves the camp. VERY positive experience, the activities, the staff, everything is great
  • Our boys choose this camp over ever other camp option...every summer. They love it!
  • My Son had a great time. He talked about his cabin leader, and said he was awesome.
  • My boys LOVE camp Nathanael. They look forward to going each year and have made lasting friendships with boys who tend to go the same week they do.
  • My son loves coming up and the variety in what he can do during free time. The noncoms are fantastic and do a good job.
  • He cannot stop talking about it. It was a wonderful experience for him and he feels more confident and validated as a person.
  • He has gone for 2 years now. Wonderful experience both times. He has come back with tremendous enthusiasm for developing his walk with the Lord. Skipped playing video games last night to work on verse memorization. I was stunned and thrilled.
  • Made new friends. Liked the noncoms in his Navajo cabin. He is considering being a volunteer in the future.
  • This is one of the best experiences for my son. He comes home feeling so fantastic about himself.
  • He talked about his cabin leader, then songs, then all the activities he did. He talked for about a week non-stop.
  • My oldest wanted a New Testament from the store before we left and has been finding Bible verses he likes since. He also wanted a cross necklace which he has worn daily since we got back.
  • He talked a lot about the people, especially his counselor and the other staff.
  • Being part of the "Camp Community.” He loved being at camp with his brothers and I loved how the noncoms welcomed him
  • He talked about the awesome noncoms.
  • He liked sailing. His instructor was so encouraging to him.
  • Being at camp for Father/Son is amazing. As a dad I appreciated the opportunity to connect with my Son. The morning devotion time was great. I had prepared some topics to spend time on with him and it made it a really rich discussion. This year the noncoms were great as well. I loved how they supported us as dads, but still engaged with the kids by playing games, etc. It is encouraging to know that my son can be surrounded by guys he can look up to at camp.
  • I was thoroughly impressed with the character, heart and faithfulness of the staff and noncoms.
  • I have experience at YMCA camps, and other church sponsored camps, which were all good, but Camp Nathanael outshined them in the quality of staff and the atmosphere. I would encourage anyone to bring their son here.
  • The noncoms’ involvement was fantastic. The boys really respond well to them and they are a great example.This is a one of a kind, invaluable experience to help broaden the interests of boys on their way to manhood. Camp Nathanael knows a boy's "sweet-spots" and offers them opportunities to experience the things that draw out their inborn interests. And all of it is couched in developing a relationship with Christ.
  • My son came back so excited about camp after his first week away from home this week. He definitely plans to go back next year. His first evening home he was "camp sick" (opposite of homesick).
  • I can't speak highly enough of the camp and our 12 year old son's experience. He had so much fun and came back so enthused about growing in his walk with God. It is fantastic to see!
  • Camp Nathanael has been an awesome experience for my son. The boost to his self-esteem is immeasurable!
  • I was impressed with the leadership of the young men at Camp Nathanael. Their dedication to God and their work while having a great time together is a blessing for my son to experience.

By responding to God’s call on your life to be involved at Nathanael this year, you made all of this happen. When we ask people how they first heard about Camp Nathanael, by far the most common answer is that they heard about it from a friend. That “word of mouth” advertising is precious to us. But it only works if the camper has an amazing experience that he wants to tell others about. Because of you, all of these campers had an adventure that they will talk to their friends about. 

More importantly, the Lord did his work in the lives of these campers because they came to camp and because you were great leaders and role models. Thank you!

Mark Watkins
Executive Director